VALROCA EMPAQUETADURAS is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture seals and gaskets. This company offers quality products to different industries like; food, textile, medical, petrochemical, chemical, automotive, among others. VALROCA IS THE MAIN COMPANY, AND VALROCA MAQUINADOS IS A SUBDIVISION, INSIDE THIS COMPANY.

His Web site is the following: www.valroca.com.mx

The Quality Policy of VALROCA SEALS since its start was;  satisfy the customer needs, taking into account its development of engineering, manufacturing, production, maintenance and permanence on the market.

Following this quality policy, VALROCA MAQUINADOS arises to satisfy the customer needs, providing  machining with international standars.

The objective of VALROCA MAQUINADOS is to provide quality machining for different industries; chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, food, automotive, pharmaceutical and general industry.